How to save on a lot of things in a big city

LONDON — I live in a small, rundown suburb of a big, booming city.

My house is a two-storey flat with a pool.

My neighbour’s house is one-storeys, but it’s not so big.

I get a flat rate of $3,600 a month for a 2,000 sq. metre property in a very small town, where there are only a handful of houses per square kilometre.

In the suburbs of big cities, the average home is twice that size.

For me, the cost of living in a large city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is about $7,000 a month, or $20,000 in the most expensive Sydney suburb.

In smaller, rural towns, the costs are even higher.

If I want to save money, I can live in Sydney and live a simple life in the bush.

But I’ve heard from a few people who have moved to the big cities and had to buy expensive houses.

“You can save money in the big city,” says a woman who lives in Sydney’s outer suburbs.

She adds that the cost to live in the suburbs is now so high that she has to sell her house.

For some people, the prospect of living at home in the city is too much to bear.

But others say that they would still be happy in a smaller place.

“I don’t think I would ever go back to the city,” one man says.

“If I wanted to, I would probably live in an inner city.”

For most people, it’s easy to get into a city, because you can get a car, a car loan and rent a house for $500 a week.

But for some people who can afford to live at home, living in Sydney can be too expensive.

They live in small towns where they can’t afford the luxury of a car or the monthly rent of a house.

“I’d probably move to a bigger city,” another woman says.

I’m in a tight budget with my partner, and the cost for groceries, rent and electricity has gone up.

My partner has to drive a lot to and from work, and we’ve only got a $5,000 savings account to live on.

When I go back home to the small town where I grew up, the rent goes up, and I can’t pay for the mortgage.

But I’m not in a rush.

I’m just glad that I can afford the big house.

I have a plan for the future, and with this money, my future looks bright.

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Originally published on ABC News Online.