Why We’re Killing Off Our Best Shows, Says Netflix

A bunch of shows that are now in their mid-30s and are getting the ax are killing it in terms of ratings and viewers.

Here’s how: 1.

The Blacklist, which has been a cult hit for two seasons and is now on its third, is on the way out.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which is a reboot of the beloved classic animated series that began in 1955, is the latest series to end its run.


The Walking Dead is on its final season, but there are a couple of good options for a spinoff.


Dexter, a crime drama about a former CIA agent turned FBI profiler turned FBI agent, is getting a reboot as part of CBS’ scripted drama lineup.


Hannibal is getting an eighth season and is expected to be renewed for a fourth.


Supernatural is on life support with a new series and a new network.


The 100 is ending after six seasons, but the cast is still in the process of building up for a new season.


Fargo is getting its final episode.


The Big Bang Theory is getting the boot after seven seasons.


American Horror Story is on a hiatus.


Gotham is getting two seasons.


Supergirl is getting season two.


Gotham’s final season is expected this summer.


Grey’s Anatomy is getting three seasons.


The Originals is ending its run, but its cast is in the early stages of developing a spin-off.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in development for years, but Netflix is finally bringing it to life.


Fargo, which was a hit for eight seasons and got picked up for two more, is ending.


Gotham was getting its first season, which will be a reboot.


American Crime Story is ending and is slated for a sixth season.


The Last Man on Earth is getting four seasons.


The Defenders is ending in the wake of the end of its first arc.


The Vampire Diaries is in development.


Once upon a time in Wonderland is getting another spinoff as part the upcoming DC TV universe.


Greys Anatomy will be getting a fourth season.


American Gods is being revived for a fifth season.


The Goldbergs is getting Season 5.


Fargo and Fargo: The Return will end after seven years.


American Idol is going off the air.


Once will end its season, and the musical adaptation of the same name is getting new life.


The Simpsons is getting one more season.


Once again, it’s Gotham’s turn to end.


The Good Wife is getting six seasons.


Superstore is getting eight seasons.


The Mentalist will end.


The Mindy Project is getting seven seasons, including a spin.


The Muppets is getting five seasons.


Gotham will be returning for a third season.


The Twilight Zone will end at the end.


The Sopranos is getting renewed for an eighth.


The CW has a handful of spinoffs, including The Vampire Academy, The X-Files, The Mentalists and The Flash.

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