BlueGrace Inc. to close its U.S. warehouse space

BlueGrac, a logistics company with operations in North America and Europe, will close its two U.K. and U.A.E. facilities, said the company on Wednesday.

The U.k. and the U.a.e. offices were shut down on Aug. 31 due to poor weather and poor occupancy rates, BlueGraces chairman Steve Coogan said in a statement.

BlueGrace has been trying to sell its North American and European operations since 2013.

BlueGraced’s chief executive, Stephen Coogan, said in an interview last month that the company was “still working to get our finances back to normal.”

BlueGrac’s North American headquarters were built in 2004 in the city of Liverpool, England, and its European headquarters were established in 2010 in the town of Wirral, in the U and Ua.source: Reuters/Reuters