The Navy is looking to hire a logistics specialist to lead its logistic effort

Posted September 23, 2018 07:12:20The Navy is preparing to hire an external logistics specialist who will work closely with its naval officers to manage logistics for its military forces.

Naval Logistics Command chief Admiral Robert Schoof, in a memo to all personnel on Sept. 19, said the Navy is considering hiring a specialist who can work in a variety of roles and perform complex tasks.

In order to provide the Navy with the best operational capability, it is essential to be able to respond quickly to and respond effectively to changing requirements and evolving circumstances.

The Navy needs a specialist with broad expertise in logistics and other related topics, Schoof wrote in the memo.

It will be a challenging and challenging position to fill.

The Navy has experienced significant operational and strategic shifts in the past few years, and this will be challenging for a specialist to manage.

The Naval Special Warfare Command has been working on a major overhaul of its logistics system, which will require a more diverse workforce and will require expertise in multiple disciplines.

The sailor who is hired will be required to meet rigorous military and civilian standards, Schiff said.