Phoenix Logistics is hiring for logistics specialist with experience in warehouse systems

Phoenix Logistic Services is looking for an experienced warehouse systems specialist with warehouse systems knowledge.

The position is a highly skilled warehouse system specialist who can provide assistance with managing the logistics of a multi-site production facility.

The person will be responsible for ensuring the system is functioning efficiently and safely.

The role involves ensuring that all systems are in a safe and appropriate state, maintaining safe working conditions, and monitoring and monitoring systems for defects and safety related incidents.

The person will work in the Phoenix Logistics warehouse system, which is the main system for all warehouse operations.

The candidate will be required to work at the Phoenix Warehouse System’s main warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

The position is responsible for overseeing and managing the warehouse system.

The applicant will be expected to perform work related to the following:Assisting with and/or supervising the production of a product, including warehousing, warehousing systems, warehouse operations, warehouses, warerooms, and warehousing management, as required.

Responding to warehousing incidents and performing maintenance work on the warehouse.

Paying payroll and other administrative costs related to warehouses.

Respond to and manage inventory for warehouses and other warehouse systems.

Operating a warehousing system to support a variety of warehousing functions.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with warehousing requirements.

Responds to all customer service inquiries regarding warehousing and other warehousing related issues.

Requirements: Experience in warehousing is preferred.

The successful candidate must have at least 3 years of warehouse systems experience, at least 2 years of related knowledge of warehomes, and at least two years of experience in assisting with warehouses.

This includes experience working on warehousing processes, systems, and facilities.

The experience with warehouses will be valuable to the Phoenix warehouse system in terms of its ability to manage and monitor the inventory of warehouses at the warehouse facility.

The following positions are available in Phoenix:Shipping Manager,Warehouse Manager (TBA),Washroom Manager,Hospitality Management Specialist,Warehousing Specialist (TBC),Logistics Specialist (CSE),Office Administrator (TBD)All positions are subject to change without notice.