U.S. truck deliveries soar as Trump’s truck deal brings jobs to California

Logistics firm BlueGrace Logistics announced Monday that it had signed a $2 billion deal with President Donald Trump’s Export-Import Bank to build a new U.K. fleet of truck trucks that will supply his administration’s new national highway plan.

The company said it expects to start assembling the first of the new trucks in 2019.

The first batch will be delivered in 2019, BlueGrast said in a statement.

BlueGrace will build up to 2,000 of the trucks per month at a plant in Sheffield, England, the company said.

The U.k. company is in talks with the Bank about a deal for a second factory in the U. S., it said.

The bank has been working with companies such as BlueGraces to build new trucks to supply Trump’s national highway package.

In October, it announced a $1.6 billion loan guarantee for truckmakers in order to speed up delivery of the U and D.A.R.E. plans.

The loan will allow BlueGrasts to meet its 2020 goal of delivering 3,000 trucks per year, a goal the company has said is unrealistic.