Google’s new mobile wallet is designed for megacorp companies

Google’s latest mobile wallet will be built around the idea of “megacorporations” — and it is already being used by some of the biggest players in the industry.

The new Google Wallet will let you send and receive payments from companies in a way that you might have used in the past with PayPal or Mastercard.

It’s also designed to be able to be used in other ways than just by people who are just looking to send money.

The Google Wallet app is designed to work in other mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android phones.

The mobile wallet has the potential to be a boon for megascorp companies.

It will enable users to transfer money, and to send it, from the wallet into their megacorporation.

This is a great opportunity for megancorporations, because it’s going to open up a whole new space for payments.

The Google Wallet is a bit of a departure for Google, however.

The company has previously built its own payment platform called “PayPal Express,” and the idea behind that is that you just pay for things, then use the same payment service on all your other apps.

But Google has also built its platform for businesses, including Paypal, Mastercard, and even Payza, which has more than 20 million customers.

In other words, Google’s mobile wallet makes it easier for people to make transactions using their own credit cards and debit cards, and that makes it a bit more attractive to companies looking to add mobile payments to their own businesses.

A lot of the companies that are using the Google Wallet have some sort of a business or finance business, which means they might want to add it to their existing payment services.

The main difference between the Google wallet and other platforms like PayPal is that it’s designed for a different use case.

The most obvious use case is for merchants that are not directly dealing with merchants directly.

These businesses might want a mobile wallet to send payments between their stores or to use it for payments for their employees.

In fact, Google Wallet has been used by the likes of PayPal, MasterCard, and Payza in a variety of other ways.

PayPal’s new wallet uses the same technology that makes its mobile wallet work.

The only difference is that the wallet is actually designed to take credit card payments.

Here’s how the Google Pay app looks like.

You can use the wallet on your phone and on your desktop or laptop.

You’ll be able transfer funds to and from your wallet directly from any of these devices, or from other Google Pay-enabled devices.

Google Pay is designed as a way to enable payment in the future with no friction, but Google is also hoping to have the Google Store and Google Play, which are both mobile-first, on mobile devices.

These two services will be the primary way that people will be able pay with Google Pay.

The other major use case for Google Pay is for companies that need to move money around the company.

If you need to send cash to a customer, the Google Payments app will do it for you.

It’ll also allow you to transfer funds from your Google Pay wallet to your bank account, and from that to your credit card.

Paypal is also making a big push into the mobile payments space, using it to create a new payment platform for customers.

You can now make a payment directly from the Google Play Store.

The company is also working with a handful of other companies on its mobile payments platform, including American Express, Discover, and Bank of America.

In addition to using Google Pay, these companies will be offering the Google Cards Wallet, which is designed specifically for merchants who want to accept payments from a Google Wallet.

The idea is that by combining payment and mobile payment in one mobile wallet, there will be less friction.

You won’t have to use a bank account or a mobile app to make a purchase.

You will still have to pay the bank, though, because you will still need a bank to accept your payments.

You will also still need to have a bank that has the infrastructure in place to process your payments — and Google Wallet supports a lot of those.

The last big change that Google is making is that, starting in 2019, the company will be making it easier to make payments from your phone.

This is an evolution of the payment platform that Google Wallet was built to handle.

You just tap your phone to make the payment.