Which startups have made the biggest impact in Ireland?

A lot of startups have been making the most impact in recent years.

But where have they come from?

A look at some of the biggest and most exciting startups in Ireland’s startup ecosystem.1.

Fintech Startups: Dublin and Cork 2.

Moxie: The Digital Life of Business, Dublin 3.

Gartner: Business Intelligence, Dublin 4.

Nautilus: Digital Marketing for Enterprise, Dublin 5.

NUBI: The Next Wave of IoT, Dublin 6.

Pidgin: Automated Data Visualisation and Analytics, Dublin 7.

Ego Labs: Social Media Analytics and Social Business Intelligence for Business, Cork 8.

Jira: Blockchain, Dublin 9.

Tindie: Real Time Social Media, Dublin 10.

Vibes: The Future of Business Analytics, Cork The latest Irish tech news and events.

The Irish Times has launched a competition to find the most innovative startups in the country.

Entries are open until Wednesday, June 21.

There are no entry fees, so entrants can start in no time.

Entrants can choose between a number of categories, including:Digital technologyStartups with products or services built using the blockchain, blockchain technology, distributed ledger and digital currencies.

Entrant must be aged between 18 and 30.

Entrepreneurs must be between 20 and 25.

Entitled as a ‘Startup of the Year’, entrants can be eligible for up to £1 million ($1.6 million).

The winners will be announced on Thursday.