Omni Logistics: The company that makes the world’s fastest, safest, most flexible logistics platform

The Omni Logistic, a private-equity firm, recently announced a partnership with Google, and the partnership promises to provide a level of convenience that no other logistics platform can match.

In fact, the partnership aims to make it so that customers can pick up their orders online and ship them back to their home base in under 10 minutes.

The announcement comes just weeks after the Omnicom Group acquired the company for a whopping $2 billion.

The acquisition includes the majority of its headquarters and most of its assets, including its warehouses, which were acquired in the deal.

That includes the Omni Logistical’s warehouses, where it will provide the delivery services for Google’s fleet of Google Glasses, which it says will be able to process over 1 billion packages a day.

Omni Logistations partners with the Google Glass, which allows users to see what they’re carrying in the grocery store, and to view their orders, so they can make more informed shopping decisions.

The Omni Logis partners with Google Glass to provide real-time delivery of items that are already in their grocery store.

Google Glass will enable customers to scan and select items, and Google Glass can then be tracked and tracked and scanned, and then scanned, until the items are returned to the customer.

The customer then scans the order again and receives the package, and returns it to the store.

With this technology, Google Glass is capable of delivering items to the grocery stores, so customers can make smarter choices with the delivery options they have.

Google has partnered with a number of other logistics companies, including Amazon, and is hoping to become one of the first companies to integrate its products into its grocery stores.

Google is also looking to integrate Google Glass into other Google products, such as its driverless cars, to help users to make better shopping decisions, and potentially make it easier for shoppers to find the goods they need online.

While Google Glass and other Google Glass products have been around for years, it is the Omni Group that will be the first to integrate them into its logistics operations.

The company has a long history in the logistics industry, and has been a pioneer in the field for more than 20 years.

Omnicum, a division of the Omni Group, is an international logistics technology company that focuses on providing the logistics services that are key to business success.

The Omni Group will work with Google to provide its logistics services to Google Glass.