Pegasus, FedEx, UPS, FedEx are adding more shipping logistics services to the US list

The US Postal Service (USPS) is adding more logistics services in a bid to boost its ability to handle more orders and to improve its capacity to meet demand.

The Postal Service is adding FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS Express and FedEx Signature to its delivery services and delivery logistics services.

The USPS has been ramping up its delivery delivery capabilities since its announcement in December that it would move into its first post office for delivery.

The USPS is adding delivery logistics companies to its list of delivery partners, including FedEx, which already operates delivery hubs in New York, Chicago and Houston.

The USPS also announced that it has opened a FedEx Freight Center in Houston.

“It is exciting to partner with a provider like FedEx to help us deliver more packages to our customers,” said USPS Chief Information Officer Richard Deeds.

“With this new addition to our delivery partners list, we are providing our customers with more options for their delivery needs.”

Deeds said FedEx and FedEx Ground have been a key partners for the USPS in expanding its delivery capabilities.

“FedEx has been a strong partner for the Postal Service since its inception,” he said.

“Its delivery services have made it possible for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver more and more mail and packages to customers around the world.”

The USPS said it plans to expand delivery of packages to include packages in the next few months, adding a FedEx Delivery Center in Chicago to the service’s existing service.

The new USPS logistics companies will help the USPS reduce the time it takes to deliver packages and help deliver packages more quickly, and provide the USPS with more flexibility to manage and manage its delivery needs.