How to automate truck logistics using Google Maps

The Google Maps app has been used by truckers to map their routes, but it’s now possible to make your own map from scratch.

The software company Google Maps announced a partnership with trucking company Euler last week to bring a similar mapping tool to the public.

Euler currently uses Google Maps to map routes between its trucks and its shipping facilities.

Ellergo will be the first company to offer this feature, which lets users create a custom map that can be updated and exported to a cloud service such as Google’s Drive.

The new feature works by scanning a GPS device that’s attached to the front or rear of a truck, and the truck will be able to automatically zoom into that location.

Google says that users can choose from a range of templates for a map that will automatically fill in any missing areas.

The Euler app will be free to download from the Google Play Store, and users can begin using the app on their own.

Ellers new map can be downloaded here.

You can also find out more about Euler’s new mapping tool here.