‘It was an easy day’ – F1 drivers discuss their race day experiences

PCC logistics manager Kevin Brown says there were no problems during the race and that the team made sure all drivers enjoyed the event.

“It was a very simple day,” Brown told Motorsport.com.

“[We] had a full training day on Thursday.

It was just us doing the basic stuff and getting through the day.”

There was a lot of good news out there on Friday morning.

We had a good number of drivers on the circuit today, so we’re going to get a lot more people to the track.

“In a statement, PCC confirmed that “there were no issues or delays in service” of its vehicles.

It added: “There were no incidents in the race, no delays in supply or availability, and no drivers or equipment damaged.

PCC’s full track logistics team will be providing the raceday services for this weekend’s FIA Formula One World Championship round at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

“Meanwhile, Formula E race leader Jolyon Palmer confirmed he was happy with his team’s performance.

But Palmer added: “We have to work on our communication with the teams and make sure that we are able to provide the most consistent and accurate service for them to get the drivers and the teams on the track as soon as possible.

For us, it was a good day.

We managed to get through the race day in a safe and efficient way, so it was really good to see our guys get back on track and be able to do some laps.