When FedEx orders for the new Pegasus jets

The U.S. military’s Pegasus program is moving forward, with the Air Force announcing Wednesday that it has ordered 126 Pegasus aircraft, bringing its total to 468.

But there are concerns about the plane’s performance and its long-term future.

The Pentagon’s decision comes a month after the Air National Guard announced it was ordering 126 new Pegasus-class fighter jets for $1.3 billion.

The Air Force said it would be using a combination of “enhanced” and “normal” procurement options, including options that would allow it to buy a few jets instead of a large batch.

That could give the Air Forces a chance to improve the planes performance.

The Air Force had ordered 126 of the Pegasus jets in a program called “Fast Track,” which allows it to quickly get its planes to market.

The new order will include 12 Boeing 737 MAX jets, which will be built in Kentucky and shipped to U.C. Davis in California.

The 737 MAX is an advanced jet that can be used for high-speed flights.