VGP - As of June 2017, the two-way trade between Viet Nam and other ASEAN nations reached US$24.03 billion, according to the Viet Nam Customs.

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Viet Nam’s total exports and imports from other ASEAN nations obtained US$10.45 billion and US$13.58 billion, respectively.
Viet Nam ran a trade deficit with large economies in the region such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

As of June, Thailand was the largest trade partner of Viet Nam among the ASEAN nations with the two-way trade value of US$7 billion. It was followed by Malaysia US$4.821 billion, Singapore US$4.368 billion, Indonesia US$3.188 billion, Cambodia US$1.968 billion and the Philippines US$1.854 billion.

ASEAN ranked fourth in the trade value with Viet Nam after China (US$39.859 billion), the Republic of Korea (US$29.123 billion) and the U.S. (US$24.417 billion).

By Thuy Dung